Egencia Launches New Data, Analytics Tools

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Digital travel management company Egencia (TMC) is launching a data visualization and analytics studio to assist companies in exploring visual data, discovering hidden insights, identifying new sources of savings and conducting best spending practices across travel categories: air, hotel, train and car. The program puts together all online and offline travel data into one place, so users do not have to integrate multiple systems. It’s designed to simplify the logistics of managing business travel.

Egencia says being data-driven is essential for competitive businesses. However, travel managers can spend hours sifting through files to obtain actionable insights, and they may even need support from data specialists. Egencia Analytics Studio, which is, according to Egencia, the only data visualization tool created specifically for business travel, is designed to facilitate this process by using visual renderings and customizable widgets to deliver a more compressed file viewing. Travel managers can visualize the impact of advance purchase in correlation with travel typology and policy (domestic, transborder, international, etc.).

They can also use the system to make reports to share with other departments within their organization. Egencia says travel managers can do their work faster and thus have greater impact.

Travel companies can request a demo from the Egencia website. For access and more information, visit

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