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Get ready for Halloween! Marketing opportunities abound, says, who reports that its program directors have already outlined their top five tips for winning Halloween costume contest at sea.The singles-only costume party and contest are held during’s annual Halloween-themed singles cruise, which can draw as many as 400 unmarried guests.

Single travelers are invited to reserve their spot on the upcoming 7-night Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Liberty departing Miami, Florida on October 29, 2011 and sailing to Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; St. Thomas, USVI; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos.

The's hosts’ top five tips for becoming an instant celebrity onboard and taking home the contest prize of a $100 gift certificate:

1.      Be extremely creative with your costume – something you buy at a costume store won’t likely win the prize. Most of our past winners have made their own costumes and are one of a kind.  We especially like the imaginative outfits that we have to figure out.  One of our favorites last year was a suave traveler dressed as a chick magnet – a black suit with yellow chicks all over it!
2.      Try to make us laugh.  The funnier and more outrageous the costume, the more chances you will win our vote.  One of our past creative guests came as “The Man with the Yellow Hat” of the popular Curious George children’s books series complete with the big yellow hat and stuffed monkey by his side.
3.      Act the part. You will earn points for staying in character throughout the party.  For example, several of our past winners came as the walking dead bride and groom and their scary zombie act throughout the party was what made them the winners.  They walked around from person to person gazing at each one with their intense zombie eyes. Another favorite was a decked-out Michael Jackson impersonator with a near perfect moonwalk.
4.      Grab our attention by playing off an emerging trend or current event. If you do this well, you will stand out from other partygoers donning standard costumes that have been worn over and over again.
5.      Fool us. If we don’t know who you are yet we can see your face, it adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to your persona. Costume make-up can really change your facial expressions and applied well might earn you first place.

“Our theme party and costume contest are definitely a highlight of our Halloween cruise,” explained Shelby Bergeron,’s lead program director. “This cruise is our most popular singles cruise sailing of the year because our Halloween events add yet another fun element to our exciting onboard program.  Each year, this particular cruise attracts hundreds of single travelers from around the country who look forward to the high energy of the guests, outrageous costumes and overall festive atmosphere.” lays claim to be the largest singles cruise operator in the United States and has been booking singles cruises since 1991. Singles Cruise is a subsidiary of Travel Leaders Leisure Group, a division of Minneapolis-based Travel Leaders Group, LLC.


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