Small Luxury Hotels Unveils New Catalog


Jon Makhmaltchi, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Nicky DeJesus, Global Corporate Sales Manager

For Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Luxury Travel Expo is the perfect place to unveil its annual directory. Year after year, the company has chosen this show to unveil its new catalog to agents and this year was no different as the 2010 catalogue, which includes more than 500 hotels, was given out to agents.

“We always choose this show because this is where agents come to get the latest in luxury news and they always wind up taking every copy we get,” said Jon Makhmaltchi, vice president of worldwide sales. “Especially this year, it is important for us to be at this show and to display the many great luxury products we have to offer to agents.”

Please use photo titled SLH. This is photo of Jon Makhmaltchi, vice president, worldwide sales, for Small Luxury Hotels of the World and Nicky DeJesus (female to the right), global corporate sales manager for Small Luxury Hotels of the World

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