Social Marketplace Yonderbound Improves Site Search

Socially shareable online travel marketplace Yonderbound has announced new website enhancements, including a new Yonderbox Explore page that allows travelers to search the site's Yonderboxes more easily. 

A sample Virtuoso advisor profile on Yonderbound
A sample Virtuoso advisor profile on Yonderbound

A Yonderbox is an aspirational collection of travel photos, favorite hotels, notes and links to attractions or events that users can store on the website, like a scrapbook. Yonderbound, which launched in April, has a partnership with Virtuoso that allows Virtuoso travel advisors to create their own Yonderboxes, which consumers are then able to book directly through the advisor. 

The new Yonderbox Explore page has specific search capabilities that allows users to:

  • Access the entire library of Yonderboxes in one centralized location
  • Search for Yonderboxes either by typing in their destination of choice or by clicking and zooming on an area in a Google map
  • Explore top destinations based on Yonderbox inclusion
  • Pull inspiration from featured Yonderboxes created by other users, travel bloggers, and destination advisors


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