Social Media - 8 Ways Agents Can Leverage Vine and Instagram

vineVine and Instagram are two of the newest and widely used mobile apps out there, Amadeus reports. Since their launch, short-form videos have steadily grown in popularity. But, what does that really mean to the travel industry, and how can you leverage these tools for marketing and advertising purposes, Amadeus asks.

Amadeus says short-form video can be an effective way to tell your travel company’s unique story and help drive real engagement. Consumers want to know about your expertise and what makes you stand out.

Getting started: Try to plan ahead, create a strategy, and set goals to measure success. Always keep in mind that a mix of brand, travel information and promotions is best to foster engagement with your audience.

Build your brand: Create staff spotlight videos. This will help humanize the online experience while sharing some fun facts about your travel planners and the company.

Promotions: • Announce the launch of a new cruise ship or a new off-the-beaten-path tour.
 • Push last-minute deals for a weekend jaunt.
 • Launch a video contest where your clients submit their own Vine or Instagram video of their last vacation for a chance to win a prize.

Travel information: Consumers want your opinion, so why not give it to them. Share snippets on destinations and provide FAQs for cruises, air, tours and more.

Use your seconds creatively: With only six seconds on Vine and 15 seconds on Instagram, challenge yourself to be creative – think outside of the box. With stop-motion capabilities, you can have a mix of shots to tell a story in one video. 
• Capture multiple areas of operations in your company.
 • Orchestrate a few staffers to each name their favorite travel destination. 
• Showcase action from a tradeshow or convention.

Most travel advisors will wait to jump on this new emerging channel. Why wait? If implemented properly, you can leverage these apps and build a stronger and more profitable business today, Amadeus says.


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