Spirit Air Partners to Deliver On-the-Go Concierge Services

If you are looking for innovative services for travelers check out Spirit Airlines and MyAssist's new partnership to provide personal assistance and concierge services to Spirit Airlines customers.

From trip-planning logistics, securing reservations and event tickets, to emergency assistance in a time of need, Spirit Concierge representatives are available to deliver a broad range of personal assistance services,  Spirit Airlines reports. Spirit Concierge costs $9.99 and is provided by MyAssist, a personal assistance and concierge service provider.
“We want to offer consumers an additional array of value-added services to enhance their travel experience,” said Spirit Airlines Senior Director of Sales Michael Pewther. “Spirit Concierge offers customers high-quality personal assistance available 24/7/365 throughout their entire trip experience at an affordable price.”

Spirit Concierge services are available online at www.spirit.com/concierge. Members can contact trained representatives with requests at anytime from anywhere around the world via email at [email protected] or by calling toll-free in North America (855) 307-8030 or (630) 541-0089.

“We are pleased to be working with Spirit Airlines – innovators in the travel industry,” said John Noel, president and CEO of MyAssist. “Spirit Concierge customers will benefit from the first-class customer service available around-the-clock from our trained experts.” 

Spirit Concierge can be used to:

Plan trip logistics:
    •    Up-to-the-minute travel and weather alerts
    •    Offer advice on local restaurants and make reservations
    •    Book tickets to local shows, sights, concerts, sports events
Ensure stress-free travel:
    •    Rebook flights due to change-of-plans, other personal circumstances
    •    Reserve rental cars or airport pickups
    •    Help find lost items during travel
Help with medical needs while traveling:
    •    Locate a local pharmacy to refill a prescription
    •    Find the nearest doctor, hospital or urgent care facility
    •    Contact family members in case of an emergency
Following are just a few real-life examples of the endless possibilities available with Spirit Concierge, cited by Spirit:
    •    When a son was looking to surprise his father with a flight in an old WWII fighter plane, MyAssist found two hangers that housed the aircraft and offered rides, and also found two upcoming air shows in the area where the customer was able to also ride the legendary P51 Mustang.
    •    Travel emergencies are another area of specialty. MyAssist found 4x4 SUVs to get customers to the airport during snowstorms when all other vehicles were stuck.
    •    MyAssist can also help customers run errands when thousands of miles away. A New York City business professional needed to find a rare text book for her son’s college course. MyAssist not only found the book at the right price, but arranged for a courier service to pick up and deliver the book to the customer’s son in southern California on the same day.
MyAssist offers a live-agent personal assistance and concierge service for individuals and companies from the Noel Group. MyAssist was created by John Noel, founder of travel-insurance giant TravelGuard, to provide individuals and organizations around-the-clock access to experts in travel and reservation services, online research, emergency services and medical assistance.

Companies can private label MyAssist to create a competitive advantage through innovative customer service, MyAssist reports.

Visit www.myassist.com

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