Spoiled People Need Agents, Too!


John McMahon with Luxe Hotels' Roselyn Cosentino and Efrem Harkham

As a person who travels for a living, I am going to admit something that many sophisticated frequent travelers go through. It all becomes routine to them. You fly business class, get picked up in a limo, you stay in a five-star hotel and eat at the best restaurants. Crazy as it sounds—and not that it isn’t appreciated—it just becomes the norm. I recently had dinner at one of the top steak houses in New York city and it was an amazing steak, but it was expected—it was my 100th visit to this establishment. As I said, the norm.

This issue is our Hot New Hotels edition, in which we attempt to get you excited about these new hotels and have your clients buzzing as well. This is the new bucket list for the well- traveled client. This is my bucket list. Maybe I’m the exception, but when asked about my favorite hotels, I tend to break them down by region, which is how we’ve treated them in this issue. I hope you enjoy our road map to these little-known, but soon-to-be-talked about “must visit” places.

I recently spent time with Luxe Hotels’ President and CEO Efrem Harkham and Chief Marketing Officer Roselyn Cosentino (pictured above). Luxe Hotels represents over 200 hotels worldwide, all of which should be visited as each one is unique, boutique and full of personality. And what makes Luxe Hotels so special is they don’t just want your booking, they want to match your client up with the correct hotel in their portfolio—because ultimately a hotel and guest experience should become a love affair until the next great hotel comes along.