Stat: Congestion Causes 47 Percent of All Delays at New York Area Airports

The Global Gateway Alliance (GGA) has released a new study examining the causes of arrival delays at Newark, JFK and LaGuardia airports, which rank 24th, 28th and 29th out 29, respectively, as the most delayed in the country so far in 2015. The report analyzed the number of flights arriving delayed at the major New York-New Jersey airports from 2012 to April 2015, by cause and frequency. 


The National Aviation System (NAS), or the airspace, is responsible for 47 percent of all delayed arrivals since 2012, or 120,000 flights. The NAS refers to the national airspace, meaning this type of delay is attributable to congestion in the skies. 


The report also found that semi-regular weather patterns, like rain and fog, are responsible for almost ten times the number of delays as extreme weather, such as blizzards. These milder weather patterns have contributed to one third of all delayed arrivals so far this year.