Stat: Most Independent Agents Work Full Time

Nexion has released new data on independent travel agents based on responses from 94 of its U.S. travel agents who identified themselves as an independent contractor (IC) or a commissioned agent working either at home or in an office. 

The data revealed the vast majority of these travel experts work full-time hours -- over 75 percent stated they work 30 or more hours, and over 60 percent stated they work 40 or more hours a week. Over 80 percent of the agents surveyed experienced consistent or an increase in travel bookings in 2014.

“Personally, it drives me crazy that there continues to be a label of ‘home-based’ for these professionals, which – for many – has a connotation of a less-professional business,” said Nexion president Jackie Friedman. “Regardless of where they’re physically located, these individuals are serious about their business, passionate about travel and preeminently concerned about their relationships with their clients.”

Here are some key findings from the survey:

Full-Time Career or Dual Career: When asked, “Is your career as an IC/commissioned agent in addition to an existing career/job?” the responses were as follows:

Hours Spent Building the Business: Over 60 percent of Nexion agents who identified themselves as an IC/commissioned agent stated that they work 40 hours or more a week. In fact, almost 20 percent of those surveyed indicated that they are available 24/7 for their clients.

2014 Travel Bookings: Over 80 percent of the Nexion agents surveyed stated that their overall bookings for 2014 are greater than or equal to this time last year.

Full Range of Travel Services/Expertise: When asked, “When working with your clientele, do you book …” the top 10 responses were: (Respondents could select all that applied.)

Independent Travel Agent Years of Experience: When asked, “How long have you been an IC/commissioned agent?” the responses from Nexion agents were:

Appealing Business: When asked, “Which of the following best describes what is most appealing for you about being an IC/commissioned agent?” the top five responses were:

Newer ICs/Commissioned Agents: When asked, “If you have been an IC/commissioned agent for two years or less, what was your previous profession?” the top responses were:

The additional responses were: Human Resources, Emergency Services (EMT, police, fire department, etc.), Financial Services, Marketing/Communications, Government and Media.

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