Stats: 84% of Millennials Have Booked a Last-Minute Trip

Millennials are fueling a rise in last-minute, quick getaways, according to a new study by The survey, which was conducted among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults over the age of 18 between May 28 and May 31, found that 84 percent of Millennials have booked a trip one week or less out from their departure day. 

Millennials also take the most short trips, according to the report. While on average, Americans have taken four short trips (of three nights or fewer) within the last twelve months, Millennials have taken an average of 5.32 of these trips per year. That’s compared to 4.40 short trips by Gen Xers and 3.84 short trips per year by Baby Boomers

Overall, 82 percent of short-trip travelers have booked within seven days of their departure this year, with 40 percent of Millennials booking accommodations the day of their trip. Additionally, 85 percent of Americans are willing to take a chance to get a great last-minute deal, according to the survey. 

Ninety percent of Americans say they prefer short trips to long ones, and of the Millennials that do, half say that they are less stressful to plan; 48 percent say they prefer them because they are cheaper; and 42 percent say they prefer them because short trips allow them to travel less often. 

Millennials in the study also reported a number of emotional benefits from short trips, including reduced stress at work (43%); a strengthened bond with their partner (41%); and an improved sense of belonging and connection to a new part of the world (34%). 

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