Stats: Escaping Politics to Drive 38% of Weekend Getaways in 2018

Weekend getaways are set to rise in 2018 as more people seek an escape from politics and the news, according to a new survey by Enterprise.

85 percent of respondents to the Enterprise Annual Weekend Getaway Survey said they were planning to escape on a weekend trip in 2018, up from 78 percent in 2017. When asked why they want to escape more in 2018 than 2017, the top reasons are stress (43 percent), news (39 percent), the current political climate (38 percent) and social media (24 percent).

This year’s survey also suggests that Americans are prepared to travel farther and spend more on the getaway. The percent of respondents who plan to spend $1,000 or more on a weekend getaway doubled in this year’s survey, and a quarter have their sights set on a beach vacation.

“Year-over-year we’ve seen a steady increase in both the number of Americans planning a weekend getaway and how much they anticipate spending on the trip, but this year we got more insight on what is driving them to get away,” said Steve Short, vice president at Enterprise, in a written release. “In past years, respondents wanted to get away to relax. While that’s still important, many will be using the weekend trips as a way to get a break from politics, news and work. Weekends are meant to help people connect with their loved ones, discover new places and things, and just recharge, so it’s great to see that more Americans are planning to take full advantage of the weekend.”

Of those planning a getaway in 2018, 93 percent say they want at least one of their trips to be a true escape — one where they leave work and other stressors at home. For many respondents, a true escape means not reading news or email while they’re away, and one in four respondents say getting off social media enables them to truly get away.

Overall, the majority agrees that a true escape is more about what you leave behind rather than where you go. But they also have an appreciation for the journey that gets them to the destination. More than 70 percent of respondents agree the car ride is part of the trip to be enjoyed, and that a road trip offers more flexibility and spontaneity, potentially leading to seeing more places than with other modes of transportation. And a majority says that renting a vehicle can contribute to the overall experience of the getaway.

Other noteworthy findings from Enterprise’s Weekend Getaway survey include:

Importance and Benefits of a True Escape: Nearly half (48%) of those planning a 2018 getaway say a true escape is extremely important, and that true escapes lead to stress reduction, refreshment and a recharge.

Making it a True Escape: Eighty-seven percent say getting all your chores done in advance is a best practice for turning the getaway into a true escape. Seventy-five percent agree that letting your coworkers know you will be unreachable is a best practice.

Top Weekend Getaways: While planned weekend getaway destinations are evenly divided between the beach and major cities, when it comes to true escapes there is a clear preference for the beach, followed by the mountains. Similarly, the top preference for an escape destination is some place new, while most planned weekend getaways are to someplace people have been before.

Source: Enterprise

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