Stats: Europe Travel Up 7% in Q2 2018

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Travelers are returning to Turkey as perception improves, says the ETC. // Photo by RudyBalasko/iStock / Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images

According to the European Travel Commission's (ETC) latest report, "European Tourism - Trends & Prospects 2018", growth in visitor arrivals has been recorded by all 33 reporting destinations, with 1 in 3 enjoying increases in excess of 10 percent. Europe saw a 7 percent growth in international tourist arrivals the second quarter of 2018 over the same period last year and accounts for 50 percent of the share of tourist arrivals worldwide.  

Despite signals of a slowing global economy and increased fuel prices expected to turn into higher airfares, appetite for travel to Europe remains and is encouraged by increased air routes between the region and key long-haul source markets and destination's efforts to sustain year-round tourism growth, the ETC said.  

Travellers are returning to Turkey (+33%) owing to improved perceptions. The rebound in visitor numbers is boosted by a range of source markets including China alongside the Turkey Year of Tourism in China. Growth in Balkan destinations such as Croatia (+27%) and Montenegro (+22%), was supported by increased air connectivity whereas Mediterranean islands, like Malta (+18%) and Cyprus (+15%), appear to have benefited from spurring cruise line traffic. Bulgaria (+12%) saw stand out growth due to its appeal and affordability during the shoulder season while Iceland (+6%) experienced a significant slowdown from previous years. Established hotspots such as Spain (+2%) and Portugal (+4%), registered moderate increases and saw falls from some of their largest European source markets (e.g. UK and Germany).

In the U.S., increased wages and private consumption are expected to underpin European travel demand. Growth from the U.S. remains strong for many European destinations despite an environment of increased protectionism and a weaker dollar rendering travel to Europe less affordable. Cruise destinations, Cyprus, Montenegro, and Croatia saw increases in excess of 30 percent from this market based on latest 2018 data.

Source: ETC

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