Europe was the most-visited continent in 2016, according to the recently-released “Global Travel Statistics for 2016” report by global travel wholesaler HotelsPro

HotelsPro based the report on data collected from its offices in London, Shanghai, Orlando, Dubai and Istanbul. Europe ranked as the most-visited continent (58%), followed by Asia (19.5%), North America (16%), South America (2.6%), Africa (2.3%) and Oceania (1.6%).

Breaking the data down by country, the United States was the most preferred destination, followed by Italy (8%), Germany (6.1%), UK (5.9%) and Spain (4.9%).

Within each continent, the most preferred destination country in Europe was Italy with 13.8%. Germany (10.4%) and UK (10.2%) followed Italy in the rankings. The most preferred one in Africa is Egypt with 26.7%. Morocco (21.3%) and South Africa (18.6%) followed Egypt in the rankings. The most preferred country in Asia is UAE with 19.7%. Thailand (12.8%) and Malaysia (7.9%) followed UAE in the rankings for Asia.

While the the most preferred country in North America is the United States with 78.3%, Canada (9.1%) and Mexico (8.7%) followed the U.S. in the rankings. In Oceania, the most preferred country is Australia (74.6%). New Zealand (21.2%) and Fiji (1.4%) followed Australia. The most preferred country of South America is Brazil with 25.2%. Argentina (22.9%) and Colombia (21.9%) followed Brazil in the rankings for South America.

Travelers mostly stayed between 1-3 days in the locations they visited in 2016, according to the report. 

Source: HotelsPro