Stats: Interest in Vacation Rentals Up 10%

Interest in vacation rentals is on the rise, according to the new 2019 Consumer Travel Survey from TurnKey Vacation Rentals. According to the report, which incorporates responses from 1,026 experienced leisure travelers, interest in vacation rentals is up 10 percent this year over last year, which 64 percent of respondents in this year’s survey saying that they prefer vacation rentals to hotels. 

The report also found that Americans are being less spontaneous when it comes to travel, with a 4 percent drop in travelers booking last-minute and a 5 percent increase in travelers booking six to eight months ahead. 

When it comes to the single most important factor for choosing a vacation rental, location is number one this year, earning a top rating from 30.9 percent of respondents to the 2019 survey. Guest reviews came next, being rated at number one by 21.6 percent of respondents. Last year, the reverse was true: 24.3 percent of respondents to the 2018 survey said that guest reviews were the most important factor, as compared to 19.1 percent, who picked location. 

In terms of what makes the vacation rental experience most enjoyable, cleanliness is more important than ever, according to the report. While it was cited as the top factor in the 2018 report, drawing number one votes from 40.9 percent of respondents, even more travelers rated it at number one this year: 58.9 percent. 

This year’s survey took place from November to December 2018 and included questions regarding frequency of travel in the last year, recent travel destinations, and factors influencing choice such as reviews and features when selecting a hotel or vacation rental.

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