Stats: Only 12% Planning “Lazy Holiday” This Summer

Vacations that are just about taking it easy could be on the decline, at least in the UK, according to a new survey from UK-based sports equipment purveyor Decathalon. According to the Decathalon Activity Index 2018, a survey of over 7,600 UK adults conducted over June and July, only one in seven (14%) are planning a “lazy holiday” this summer, doing as little as possible and intending to take part in no sport or physical activity.

On average, respondents planned to increase their rate of activity by 12 percent during the summer month, with almost a third (32.5%) taking part in sports or physical activity at least twice a week. Forty-two percent report feeling more motivated and enthusiastic over the summer months, while 29 percent say that simply having more free time means they can increase how active they are.

Topping the list of vacation sports and activities is swimming, the choice among 29 percent of travelers responding to the survey. Other activities are:

  • Running - 14.4 percent
  • Football (Soccer) - 14 percent
  • Gym - 11.5 percent
  • Hiking - 11 percent
  • Cycling - 8.3 percent
  • Tennis – 7.6 percent
  • Surf Sports – 5.4 percent
  • Yoga / Pilates – 4.9 percent

Sixty-two percent say they pack extra clothing and equipment for active vacations, with 14 percent saying that they struggle to find space for the extra items they want to take and 7 percent having to pay for extra baggage allowance to enable their sporting holiday plans.

Source: Decathalon

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