Stats: Orlando, London Top Memorial Day Travel Destinations

Orlando Florida
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Orlando and London are the top Memorial Day travel destinations for domestic and international travel, respectively, according to a new study by CheapOair.

Orlando tops this year’s list of most-booked domestic Memorial Day weekend destinations followed by Las Vegas and New York City. Data also showed that Fort Lauderdale is the most affordable of the top booked destinations this year, with an average roundtrip price of $275 — an 11 percent decrease in price from last year. Overall, domestic airfares are down an average of 5 percent compared to the same period in 2017.

Top U.S. Domestic Destinations for Memorial Day 2018

Destination Average Roundtrip Airfare Price Change
Orlando, FL $284 -3%
Las Vegas, NV $327 -6%
New York, NY $313 -10%
Los Angeles, CA $341 -9%
Denver, CO $318 +1%
Ft. Lauderdale, FL $275 -11%
Miami, FL $352 -5%
San Francisco, CA $351 -13%
Seattle, WA $373 -6%
Honolulu, HI $788 -1%

London, England, is the most-booked international destination for the long Memorial Day weekend, followed by Cancun, Mexico, and Rome, Italy. Overall, travel to international destinations has seen an average of a 2 percent increase; however, some destinations, such as those in Asia, are seeing as much as a 19 percent decrease over last year.  

“Despite the unusually low fares we’ve seen during the early part of 2018, travelers should expect prices for Memorial Day to be on par with previous years,” said Tom Spagnola, senior vice president supplier relations, at CheapOair. “Average airfares, international and domestic combined, are only expected to be about 2 percent lower compared to 2017. The sooner you can book your flights, the more likely it is that you’ll find a decent price.”

Top International Destinations for Memorial Day 2018

Destination Average Roundtrip Airfare Price Change
London, England $819 -3%
Cancun, Mexico $487 +1%
Rome, Italy $1,020 +8%
Paris, France $789 +13%
Guadalajara, Mexico $338 -9%
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam $1,025 -1%
Mexico City, Mexico $359 -5%
Dublin, Ireland $796 -12%
Barcelona, Spain $847 +15%
Bangkok, Thailand $925 -15%

Data also shows that domestic vacations, along with trips within North America and to the Caribbean, are shorter in length, compared to long haul destinations, such as Europe and Asia.

Region Average Trip Length
United States 6 days
Canada 7 days
Mexico 7 days
Caribbean 8 days
Europe 11 days
Asia 13 days

“The added capacity in the market has made this a great year for finding amazing deals on airfare,” said Sam S. Jain, founder and CEO at CheapOair. “However, due to the heavy demand for travel over the long weekend, consumers should try to book their flights as early as possible. Basic economy fares have a limited number of seats, so if you are looking for those extremely low prices, flexibility around when you book and when you travel will be essential.”

Source: CheapOair

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