Stats: Plans to Retire Up Among Travel Agents

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Plans to retire among travel agents rose slightly in 2017, according to the latest data from Hot Travel Jobs’ jobs survey of travel agents.

In the latest survey, which covered all of 2017, the largest response was still “no current plans to retire” at 66 percent. That’s down 2 percent from the previous year, however, indicating an increase in retirement plans. Additionally, travel agents responding that they plan to retire in two to five years, or six to 10 years, both increased by 1 percent over 2016.

The latest round of data also dives into job satisfaction among travel agents, with responses to the question “Why are you unsatisfied with your job?” This question was newly added to the survey this year.

According to Hot Travel Jobs’ preliminary data, the most common reason for a lack of satisfaction with their job among travel agents is “poor compensation,” which garnered 27 percent of responses. “Too long of a commute” was in second place, with 13 percent of responses. Other responses broke down as follows:

  • Lack of advancement opportunities – 13 percent
  • Lack of benefits – 12 percent
  • Toxic company culture – 11 percent
  • Poor work / life balance – 6 percent
  • Job insecurity – 5 percent
  • No confidence in company leadership – 3 percent
  • Unreasonable expectations – 3 percent
  • Lack of performance recognition – 2 percent
  • Micromanagement – 2 percent
  • Poor hours – 1 percent

These results are preliminary. The survey, which polls travel agents, closes Friday. Travel agents can participate here.

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