Stats: Top 10 Countries for an Electric Vehicle Road Trip

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Looking to hit the road in an eco-friendly way this summer? Comparison website has released a new report ranking the top countries for taking a road trip in an electric car. 

To compile the report, the company ranked countries worldwide by number of charging locations and charging stations. Here are a few highlights from the report:

The United States was named the top country for an electric vehicle road trip, with 17,680 charging locations and 29,353 charging stations. One of the most iconic road trip routes in the U.S. – Route 66, which stretches over 2,015 from Chicago to Los Angeles, passing through Iowa, Denver, the rest of Colorado, Utah and Las Vegas on the way – has over 250 charging points for electric vehicles, as well as an estimated travel time of just over 29 hours. 

In Germany, the number two country for electric vehicle road trips, the Frankfurt to Hohenschwangau route has 91 charging points over its 260-mile distance, taking around four hours to complete. The route also passes through the historic city of Warburg and the picturesque town of Rothenburg

In the UK, which came in at the number three spot, the drive from Bath to Falmouth is 200 miles long and takes three hours and 40 minutes, traveling through Weston-super-Mare, Topsham and Truro. There are also 65 charging locations along the route.

The full top 10 countries for an electric vehicle road trip are:

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Netherlands
  5. Norway
  6. Italy
  7. Canada
  8. Sweden
  9. France
  10. Spain

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