Study Finds Consumer Deal Mentality Fuels Travel Purchases

Travel agents can take a peek into consumers' minds when it comes to searching for the best travel deals, thanks to a new study from SniqueAway, a TripAdvisor Media Group Company, that reveals the consumer mindset of "deal or bust" endures. The study surveyed 924 TripAdvisor travelers in October 2010.

In a survey of 924 US TripAdvisor travelers, 60 percent confess to taking a vacation simply because they found a great deal.  Savvy travelers are not afraid to shop around, with 69 percent of those polled subscribing to deals newsletters.  Of those who subscribe, 81 percent receive between one and five deals newsletters, and 19 percent receive more than six newsletters. Roughly half of all surveyed are members of a private sale site. With 46 percent of deals newsletter subscribers willing to sign up for more and 48 percent of private sale members willing join another private sale site, consumers can't seem to get enough.

Thirty-two percent of travelers surveyed indicated they won't stop hunting until they get a better deal, which shows the desire for a bargain trumps loyalty to one brand and can overcome even a flooded email inbox. Private sale sites bring new emotional glee going beyond typical industry deals. Of those who are already members, 70 percent report feeling "excited" or "elated" after a private sale purchase.

"Travelers want to feel the ocean breeze, the mountain air, or the 600-thread-count linens, and feel like they've made out like a bandit because they found such a great deal," said David Krauter, general manager of SniqueAway.

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