Survey: Some Cutting Back on Summer Travels

Summer travels are still on the agenda for many this season, but the recession has impacted more than a few people's jet-set plans.


According to a Burst Media survey released today, more than three-quarters of the 2,000 surveyed adults are planning to take a personal trip or vacation at least 100 miles from home this summer. Among the 76.3 percent of respondents who said they'd travel, more than 40 percent said that the number of trips they plan to take is the same number they took last year. About 34 percent of those traveling respondents said they would be traveling less frequently.

Among those who said they'd be traveling less than they did last summer, more than 70 percent said that the recession was a main cause of their cutbacks.

The survey also investigated what role the Internet played in summer travel ventures. Eighty percent of the traveling respondents said they would use the Internet when planning their getaways, and respondents of higher income brackets were more likely to do vacation planning online. The most popular features of travel planning websites among respondents was destination information and the ability to check flight, hotel and car rates and availability. About two-thirds of summer travelers said they used the Internet while on vacation.

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