Tech Update: Farelogix Introduces FLX Commando

Farelogix is introducing FLX Commando, a new, patent-pending agency reservations tool that simulates cryptic GDS command-line functions. The user interface enables travel agents to continue using familiar, legacy GDS commands to make reservations, regardless of which content source is accessed through the Farelogix FLXTM platform.

Using Commando, agents can access multiple content types (GDS, web, direct connect, private fares) without ever having to leave the comfort of the native-looking screen and commands with which they are most familiar. The application is designed to support all existing commands used by GDS systems. In addition, a proprietary set of commands is being introduced to handle flight merchandising and other functions that don't yet exist in all the native command languages.

According to Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson, the company developed FLX Commando to meet the requirements of particular segments of the agency community. "There is a large group of agents who are not yet ready to transition to web-based point of sale applications, however they still need to access multiple content sources in a productive environment. These are the target users of FLX Commando," said Davidson.

Designed to handle multiple-reservations format options, FLX Commando is a terminal-style user interface that accepts and returns data in whatever cryptic format the user prefers. The desired format can be changed at any point in time and is independent from travel content sources.

FLX Commando can be used as a stand-alone application, or integrated with web-based travel agent user interfaces, such as Project Hawkeye, the new open-source application from Farelogix.

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