TIA May Select New Name

The Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) is considering a rebranding of the Washington, D.C. based group. Members of the TIA Board have given their approval "in form" to a new name for the organization.  The name, U.S. Travel Association, was the recommendation of a steering committee advised by branding experts, TIA says.  TIA is soliciting member feedback prior to any formal decision.  Comments should be submitted to [email protected] by September 8.

The TIA is a non-profit trade organization that seeks to represent and speak for the common interests of the $740 billion U.S. travel industry. The association is a public voice and political liaison for the entire industry and promotes increased travel to and within the United States. Its marketing initiatives include the Discover America program that encourages international visitors to the U.S. In addition to its advocacy role with the U.S. government notably to ease travel procedures, the TIA offers extensive travel research capabilities.

Visit www.tia.org.

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