Top Special Activities for Travelers

Plane ticket, check. Hotel reservations, check. Every traveler has his/her list of must-haves and must-dos when going on a trip. But then there are the would-be-extra-nice-haves (so to speak).

To gain some insight into what makes a consumer's vacation even more special, Disney recently polled 3,800 travel agents about particular activities clients are looking for when celebrating a special event, be it a birthday, anniversary, etc. Unique experiences and upgraded accommodations are among the most popular requests that clients ask travel agents to arrange for them. Activities of greatest interest to clients when booking a celebration vacation include the following:

*    Enjoy a special meal (59 percent)
*    Stay in nicer accommodations (35 percent)
*    Group activities (35 percent)
*    Buy souvenirs (34 percent)
*    Special tours (27 percent)
*    Private rooms at restaurants (23 percent)

“Consumers continue to opt for vacations as a way to celebrate,” said Ed Fouche, senior vice president of travel industry sales for Disney Destinations.  “Understanding the special surprises your clients are looking for when taking a celebration vacation will help agents better anticipate their needs and plan more memorable experiences.”

The poll was part of the current “What Will You Celebrate” campaign taking place at Disneyland and Walt Disney World which highlights the role these resorts play as the place for consumers to celebrate personal milestones.  The campaign continues through December.