TRAMS Urges Good Marketing

Sabre Travel Network and TRAMS is promoting the value of ClientBase Marketing Serves (CBMS) and reminding agents that sending the right marketing messages is vital to agents. TRAMS is also announcing its new TouchBase Program.

“In today’s busy world, increasing your customer retention leads to more revenue, so as an agent, you must intelligently market to your customers so you can stay top of mind for their next big trip. But how do you find the time to sort through your long list of supplier deals and even longer list of clients to find the perfect match?” CBMS asks.

Trams ClientBase Marketing Services is a product within the Sabre Red travel solution that helps agents capture more revenue on more sales, Sabre says.

New from TRAMS is its TouchBase Program. The program enables agents to “touch” clients by sending them greetings and/or reminders at regular intervals. Agents can recognize birthdays and anniversaries, welcome them to the agency, thank them for referrals, and more.

ClientBase and/or ClientBase Marketing Services subscribers joining the TouchBase Program have access to template greetings and reminders that agents can opt in to sending to clients on regular intervals.

Agents can call TRAMS at 310 641 8726 to learn how ClientBase Marketing Services can help.



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