Travel Advice: Pack a Personal Medical Portfolio

An easy-to-create, personal medical portfolio can provide important life-saving information, advised the U.S. Travel Insurance Association (USTIA), in a reminder to consumers and agents.

“Simply put, the portfolio is a list or document with all your health-related information that you save on your computer and update as needed,” said the organization. “Then, when it’s time to travel, print out a copy and pack it along with your other essentials.”

While travelers can design their own format, USTIA suggested dividing the document into three basic parts.

“First, would be your personal contacts, such as whom to notify in case of emergency, along with your travel itinerary. The second part would be your medical information, such as names of your health care providers back home, any known medical conditions, current medications and a basic health history. Lastly, be sure to have the policy numbers of your health insurance, along with the contact number for your travel insurance and your travel insurance policy number.”

The USTIA also advised having all of this information kept in one place, and having a copy of this information sent to your travel insurance provider before your trip begins.

For more information on trip planning, visit the USTIA’s TRIP website, which stands for “Travel Responsibly, Informed and Protected.”


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