Travel Counsellors USA Enhances Phenix System

In an exclusive interview with Travel Agent, Darya Camacci, senior vice president of operations for Travel Counsellors in the U.S., told us that the Apollo GDS system now flows through Phenix for the U.S. branch. Phenix is Travel Counsellors’ packaging system, which allows home-based Travel Counsellors to sell flights and accommodations individually or as a package. The system allows a range of products from different sources to be consolidated into a user-friendly interface.

The UK-based company has made, and is in the process of making, several improvements to the system company-wide. From the home page, agents can now search for separate component parts or do a search to find a vacation to suit a client's needs. As the agent "builds" the vacation for their client, they can view how the commission is building with each addition. Phenix continues being tailored for North American customers with the addition of both global and U.S.- based wholesalers, as well as Travel Counsellors' own proprietary program of direct hotel contracts. Phenix is also connected to each agent's own personalized Contact Centre, which is linked to their client base.
Also in an exclusive interview with Camacci in November, Travel Agent learned that the U.S. branch will add a corporate division to its operations in January 2009.

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