Travel Guard Expands Trip Cancellation Coverage In All Core Travel Plans

Effective immediately, Travel Guard is expanding coverage for full trip cancellation due to involuntary termination and/or layoff to each of its four core travel insurance plans. This speaks directly to your clients’ concerns during these challenging times and is flexible – on core plans, employees need only one year of continuous work with the same company, and there are no limitations on departure dates. Conversely, many other insurance plans feature restrictions on departure dates for their trip cancellation coverage due to employment loss.

The enhanced coverage for involuntary termination and/or layoff is now available with each of Travel Guard’s four core plans, the most popular plans sold through travel agencies: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Basic. Because the plans also feature unlimited departure dates, the coverage applies to trips in 2009 and beyond, providing agencies with a tool to close travel bookings in 2009 and beyond.   

“Consumers are responding to aggressive travel discounts, but in this difficult environment they’re also searching for effective strategies to cover their much-treasured vacations,” said Tom Zavadsky, executive vice president of Travel Guard. “Travel Guard’s trip cancellation coverage is the most comprehensive available for travel agents to provide their clients.”

Travel Guard offers a number of comprehensive travel insurance plans that provide reimbursement for trip cancellation, as well as interruption, delays due to covered reasons, lost, stolen or delayed baggage, and emergency medical expenses, including medical evacuation. Most plans also include a full range of personal and travel assistance services consumers can access before and during their trip.