Travel Institute Awards Grand Prize


(c) 2011 Private Trade Winds

Margie Jordan, CEO of Jordan Executive Travel Service, was recently awarded a 3-night stay in a Private Trade Winds villa following a drawing held after a recent Travel Institute webinar. The webinar hosted by The Travel Institute and the course sponsor, Private Trade Winds, showcased the new Villa Specialist course.

“I was delighted to learn that The Travel Institute was offering a villa webinar. It's a line of business that I've wanted to develop. The webinar was informative and simply whet my appetite to take the course. After sitting through the webinar I knew I needed to earn this designation. I've always believed that The Travel Institute's training programs were the best in the industry. Winning the 3-night villa stay was the icing on the cake. I can't wait to personally experience a luxury villa and share it with my clients,” commented Jordan.

The Villa Specialist course explains the differences between villas and vacation home rentals and how agents can find and educate potential luxury villa customers. After agents complete the course and make their first Private Trade Winds booking, they will be eligible for many incentives including a free stay at one of Private Trade Winds select villas.

The cost to enroll is $49 and includes the course and online test. Travel Institute members save an additional 10 percent.


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