Travel Institute Releases Facebook Video Tips

In response to the recent changes that Facebook made to their website, The Travel Institute reports it has created a video with a tutorial about “How to Minimize the New Facebook Ticker.” Created by Chelle Honiker-Yarbrough, The Travel Institute’s director of technology and marketing, it is the first in a series of just-in-time videos that will be posted through The Travel Institute’s social media sites.

“I knew there were some negative feelings about the new Facebook changes that came out last week and I wanted people to know that they have options on how to set up their personal sites. The video won't get rid of the new ticker feature completely, but I share tips about how to make it not so 'in your face,'” says Chelle.

In addition to these short videos, The Travel Institute offers several courses through its Communiversity about how to effectively use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


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