Travel Leaders Completes Marketing Integration

travel agentTravel Leaders Franchise Group reports it has successfully completed moving its marketing initiatives to its InteGREAT Marketing Platform. InteGREAT was launched last year to give Travel Leaders members flexabiity and options for using all of the organization’s branded marketing programs. 

This includes direct mail, email marketing (TravelFlash E-Scapes) and Postcards magazine. The program also synchs transactional data from supplier bookings with each agency’s customer relationship management (CRM). InteGREAT also seamlessly integrates Travel Leaders’ key marketing programs with ClientBase, a Sabre Travel Network product.

“We developed Travel Leaders’ InteGREAT Marketing Platform to save our members critical resources in both time and money by automating tasks related to their leisure consumer marketing operations,” explained Travel Leaders Franchise Group President Roger E. Block. “That not only relieves stress for agency members, but frees them up for their most important job: providing excellent service to their clients.” 

“Our Travel Leaders intuitively understand what it takes to market to their best clients, but in the daily swirl of managing consumers’ expectations, it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the tasks required in running a world-class marketing operation – and that’s where InteGREAT makes their lives significantly easier,” noted Jose Ferreira, vice president of travel technology and marketing operations. “For those Travel Leaders agencies already using InteGREAT, they tell us they no longer have to worry about their email marketing lists, creative, copy, and offers – we take care of it all for them as an extension of their agencies.”

Travel Leaders also reports support from its members for the InterGREAT program. “Pure and simple – InteGREAT helps me focus on selling and not on having to do lots of searches and creating mailing lists,” stated Mike King (Travel Leaders in Fredericksburg, VA). “I sometimes can send out 5,000 Postcards magazines to my client base and I have done nothing. While the program is very new, I already see the rewards – saving me time to do the things I need to be doing and creating an ability to promote the Travel Leaders brand, and thus my office.”

Travel Leaders’ InteGREAT Marketing Platform seamlessly integrates Travel Leaders’ key marketing programs with CRM solutions used by its member agencies.  

Block commented: “As a one-stop-shop CRM, Travel Leaders’ InteGREAT aims to know client behavior like never before so that we can not only better anticipate their needs, but also more effectively and appropriately target them with the most relevant offers based on their booking histories.”


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