Travel Leaders Corporate Unveils "I Am a Leader” Employee Education Program

travel agentTravel Leaders Corporate unveiled its “I Am a Leader” employee education program designed to increase client satisfaction. Set to be taken by all employees by year's end, the education program ensures every employee recognizes what it means to be a leader by incorporating several guiding principles.

Those guiding principles are:

  • Stay Connected – “We work at building relationships with all employees.”
  • Continue Questioning – “We ask why and don’t settle for the status quo.”
  • Be Fearless – “When someone tells us ‘we can’t,’ we do.”
  • Just Own It – “We are all empowered to lead.”
  • Inspire Passion – “We inspire others with our thirst for creating the experience.”
  • Have Respect – “We interact with others in a manner that is respectful and inclusive.”

“I’m often asked what distinguishes Travel Leaders Corporate from our competitors, and my response is always, ‘our employees and unique company culture,’” said David Holyoke, president, Travel Leaders Corporate. "Studies have shown that engaged employees drive higher customer satisfaction and we know that’s true from our own experience."

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Holyoke continued: “Campbell’s Soup CEO Doug Conant said it best when he stated, ‘To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace. I’m obsessed with keeping employee engagement front and center.’ Travel Leaders Corporate has adopted that philosophy. It has become the primary driver of success and growth for our company and what allows us to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.”

Participants learn how to incorporate Travel Leaders Corporate’s mission, vision, strategic company goals and guiding principles into their everyday work life and understand why these areas are essential to their success and the success of the overall organization.

Employees also are encouraged to continue their leader training and participate in the Leader Academy, an ongoing educational series for employees. For example, employees might take such training modules as customer service, business writing, personal development, Travel 101 and change management.

As far as the "I Am a Leader" program, "we believe that anyone can be a leader at any time, in any role, in any position,” stated Kathy Christianson, corporate vice president of organization effectiveness and development, Travel Leaders Group.

“Having completed the I Am a Leader education program, I thought it was a very unique and worthwhile experience,” said Travis Bjerk, accounting specialist, Travel Leaders Corporate. “I took away valuable communication strategies and tools to help me achieve a greater level of success. It’s a great feeling to be excited about coming to work and knowing that I play a meaningful role with our clients and in the growth of the company.”

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