Travel Leaders Details Client Policy Assessment Tool

travel agentTravel Leaders Franchise Group has revealed details of its proprietary Client Travel Policy Assessment Process that allows members to provide  analysis of their clients’ company travel policies. 

Launched earlier this year as part of its Envision Business Travel Center of Excellence, Travel Leaders reports the new tool has already strengthened their members business travel policies and have seen their total cost of ownership (TCO) reduced significantly. 

“Travel Leaders observed a dearth of processes and analysis tools available for business travel-focused agencies to assist clients in better understanding the shortcomings and opportunities with their travel policies,” noted Roger  Block, president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. 

“Our new Client Travel Policy Assessment Process also assists clients in analyzing and scoring the strength of their individual travel policies. They can benchmark their travel policies. And it allows them to receive concrete observations and recommendations for how they can further strengthen those policies while also achieving greater compliance among their travelers, " Block said.

According to Block, the assessment tool provides a fully integrated, automated and customizable application configured to use preconditioned formatting. It takes raw scores and summarizes and matches them against a database of best-in-class results. The tool then provides output benchmarking information, observations and recommendations that are delivered in a presentable format for Travel Leaders members to provide to their clients in person.

“In creating this tool, we recognized that business travel is becoming more global and complex in scope, giving rise to important issues that companies must address, including Duty of Care, cost containment, employee compliance and legal protection,” explained Peter Thomson, vice president for Travel Leaders Envision Business Center. 

“Our  new approach gives Travel Leaders members hands-on tools to be able to comprehensively analyze over a dozen categories of information that are critical to any ‘best-in-class’ travel policy. Then, each policy is scored to provide each client with a key benchmark and customized client report based on the findings of the tool," Thomson said.

Thomson said that an integral component is to then meet with the client to thoroughly review the benchmarking information with specific observations and recommendations on how to strengthen their travel policy. According to Thomson, these recommendations are core to the success of the assessment and cover a wide range of topics including issues of traveler safety, security and satisfaction, corporate responsibility, cost containment, employee compliance and legal protection.

“Our Travel Leaders members not only consult with their business clients, but they develop detailed plans to address weaknesses in the policy and bring it to ‘best-in-class,” Thomson added. “This plan then becomes core to the business travel management services provided by Travel Leaders over the ensuing months, and even years. Travel policies require at least an annual review to ensure they address the ever increasing complexity of business travel and the safety and security of travelers.”  


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