Travel Leaders Offers Benchmarking Program

Travel Leaders has unveiled its Associate Benchmarking Program, which compares vital sales and booking information for participating agencies with their counterparts within Travel Leaders’ nationwide network of franchise locations. 

Benchmarked data includes business mix, year-over-year sales and revenue growth, and specific types of sales and revenues for travel industry segments such as: air and air overrides, car, hotel, cruise, tour, rail, insurance and GDS. The new program seeks to assisting each  member agency to maximize sales and revenue.

“We have a goldmine of information within our Travel Leaders network, and by tapping into it, we have the ability to highlight for our members additional revenue opportunities they may be missing,” said Roger Block, president of Travel Leaders Franchise Group.

"The way we have designed this program allows us to assist our members in identifying and maximizing the main sources of revenue available in the travel industry today and assisting them in determining and capitalizing on the Travel Leaders programs that will provide them with the greatest possible opportunity to earn even more,” Block said.
The Associate Benchmarking Program was specifically created to easily capture sales and revenue data for each agency. Immediately after inputting information, Travel Leaders members will be able to view information from other members comparable to theirs.

The data is provided in three distinct categories: all participants in the benchmarking program, top-tier or “Leaders” agencies, and all other (non-Leaders) participants. Any time an agency is added to the program or an agency owner provides updated data, the system will automatically recalculate the benchmarking data to provide each participant with the latest comparable information.
Block also noted that the initial presentation of comparable data is merely one aspect of the program. Travel Leaders’ Regional Franchise Consultants (RFC) will  assist members in analyzing the data for missed opportunities and best practices.

Each participating agency can set goals and create action plans allowing them to take advantage of the most appropriate Travel Leaders programs, products and/or services to further improve revenue-earning opportunities.


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