Travel Leaders Unveils InteGREAT Enterprise

Travel Leaders associate members Dan Moen, Marcia Fry and Karen Gores between events.

Travel Leaders associate members Dan Moen, Marcia Fry and Karen Gores between events.

At the 2013 Travel Leaders National Meeting in Atlanta last month, Travel Agent was on hand for the official unveiling of a new integrated marketing technology. InteGREAT Enterprise represents a synergy of four major marketing and technology initiatives launched by Travel Leaders over the past three years that have now been melded into one suite.

“Travel Leaders’ InteGREAT Enterprise is powered to drive targeted marketing campaigns much more efficiently and effectively, thus ensuring each marketing piece reaches the right customer with the right offer at the right time,” said Jose Ferreira, Travel Leaders Group’s vice president of technology and marketing, while addressing the assembled members. The InteGREAT Enterprise suite is supported by four essential cornerstones:

Travel Leaders Online: This comprises two consumer travel channels: The first is Travel Leaders’ national website,, which has been optimized as a lead-generating tool. It matches consumers with agents through simple location searches, as well as through more sophisticated and comprehensive searches for specific types of travel using Travel Leaders’ Agent Profiler. The second channel is the Associate Website Program, which not only provides Travel Leaders Members with their own Web presence, but allows them to engage consumers and build relationships online even further with social media tools. 

Luxury Portfolio: This provides a series of multi-touch marketing campaigns focusing on lifestyle themes of particular interest to luxury clients, as well as to preferred luxury suppliers and Travel Leaders agencies selling them. 

“When that phone rings, [agents] are getting someone on the other end who is engaged in that luxury segment,” Perry Lungmus, Travel Leaders’ vice president, told Travel Agent. There is a high level of agent engagement and training provided for each campaign. 

InteGREAT Campaigns: Members have access to Travel Leaders’ proprietary, world-class direct-mail and e-mail marketing tactics, as well as its customizable Postcards and Ultratravel magazines. 

IC InteGREAT: Travel Leaders’ latest innovation is this marketing and database management tool designed to allow eligible Independent Contractors (ICs) to have control and choices over their marketing efforts, including for their own personalized Agent Profiler pages on the national site, direct mail, e-mail, consumer travel magazines and customized promotional pages.