Travel Technologies Replace Chaos With Collaboration

Savvy industry players can take advantage of new, emerging technologies to overcome travel industry challenges and make the future traveler’s experience hassle-free and more fulfilling, a new research study by Amadeus reports.

According to the new report, a new era of collaborative travel is coming that ushers in new opportunities and revenue potential for travel providers and sellers.

Through focusing less on the transaction and more on collaboration, travel providers can build longer-term, higher-value relationships with their traveling customers, Amadeus says.

The six emerging trends cited by Amadeus include: 

The next frontier – Travel will become more about quality than quantity

Automatic transit – New check-in technology will manage and track the flow of travelers

Payment memory – Technology will monitor expense and payment data throughout the trip

Intelligent recommendation – Social networking will foster peer engagement through tags, reviews and commentaries of travel landmarks, restaurants and more

Business tourism – Employers will encourage work-life balance by approving leisure “add-ons” before or after an employee’s business trip

Well-being – Travelers will embrace technologies that reduce stress, uncertainty and chaos.

The future is now, says Amadeus. "The most successful travel industry players will be those who do more than simply respond to change: they will create it. They will have the vision to identify emerging trends – and the foresight to leverage those trends well ahead of their competitors." 

Amadeus asks: "Are you a travel professional who knows the trends – or one who leverages them to your fullest advantage?" 

Agents can download the Amadeus report "From chaos to collaboration" by visiting