Travelport GDS and Accor Connect

Travelport GDS, which operates both the Galileo and Worldspan technology platforms, has announced an industry first with global hotel giant Accor in the form of a single Open Travel Alliance–compliant XML direct connection to both of Travelport’s GDS platforms. The innovation will assist agents and will improve efficiencies for both companies.

Accor will be in a position to reduce its distribution costs by removing intermediary switch company fees, and realize ongoing savings as a result of only supporting a single connection to both GDS platforms.  Travelport GDS-connected travel agents will also benefit from significant improvements in response times and a more efficient purchasing experience.

Accor Hotels has also just upgraded their connectivity on both Galileo and Worldspan to “Seamless Next Generation.” Through this upgraded connectivity, agents will now have the ability to see real-time rates and availability for all hotels coming from Accor’s own central reservation system, right from the initial hotel search request. This means agents are able to provide the most accurate information to their clients, save time with shopping Accor’s inventory and have confidence when quoting rates and availability.  Over 90 percent of Travelport GDS’s hotel suppliers now participate at this highest level of connectivity.

‘’This industry first will greatly improve the ability for hoteliers to distribute their content via the GDS and should also result in significant reductions in the cost of distribution,"  Flo Lugli, senior vice president commercial for Travelport GDS, commented.  "Tests, which were carried out during the implementation phase, indicated a faster message response time and improved stability of the network connection between both parties.  We are delighted with the results!”

Travelport plans to implement the new XML direct connection with a number of other leading hospitality organizations later in the year.  The initiative forms a key part of the GDS provider’s long term hospitality strategy and its ongoing commitment to enhance the booking process for both hoteliers and travel agents.


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