TRAVELSAVERS Launches New Online Tool

TRAVELSAVERS’ Custom Solutions direct mail program has gone virtual with a new online customer relationship management (CRM) tool that gives agencies throughout the U.S. the ability to control and manage their turnkey marketing campaigns online 24/7, according to Nicole Mazza, chief marketing officer.

The new online CRM tool allows TRAVELSAVERS agencies to easily access every aspect of their direct mail campaigns via the Internet. They need only log onto the Agent Extranet to view available promotion details, import and edit customer databases, and sign up for the mailings.  Now this can all be handled with a few convenient mouse clicks.

“Even though the program is virtual, the service is still personally handled by our expert staff here at TRAVELSAVERS. So, if our agencies have a question, all they need to do is call or email and their query will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism by their dedicated BDM,” said Mazza.

There are three main components to TRAVELSAVERS’ direct mail program
1) Lifestyle Marketing campaigns are distributed six times a year in the hot niche markets of: romance travel, family travel, soft adventure, luxury travel, fall savings, and golf & spa
2) Single vendor promotions are available throughout the year highlighting specific destinations and promotions for designated preferred suppliers
3) The quarterly JOURNEYS consumer travel magazine provides articles and tips about vacation destinations and interesting types of travel options, as well as an Exclusive Offers section that features exclusive preferred supplier deals.

Another key enhancement in the program is that all databases are “scrubbed” – this means participating agents are ensured their databases are clean and correct, increasing their ROI, Mazza reports.  Marketing segments can also be added to the databases that help agents target which customers are the best candidates for specific promotions. For instance, a household showing marital status might be sent the romance lifestyle mailer; a home with children would be perfect for a family travel piece; and a household showing substantial annual income would be a good candidate for a luxury travel direct mailer.

“Data scrubbing is an essential component to implementing a successful direct mail program that is targeted and efficient,” said Mazza. “Our system accomplishes this very effectively. It also assists agents who have not yet segmented their databases.  Agents can quickly and easily segment their databases, allowing them to send the right promotions to the right people. All of this predisposes the sale, pulling customers in to book their travel with their trusted TRAVELSAVERS travel advisors.”


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