TRAVELSAVERS, NEST Webinars Tackle Group Sales

Group travel will be the focus of a new webinar by TRAVELSAVERS and NEST, which announced the latest in their new MYOB (Market Your Own Business) Business Strategies series. The July 29 webinar will be presented by Stuart Cohen,  president of Exclamation Points, Inc., and is titled “Group Disaster Avoidance! Essential Success Training for Group Producers.”

This comprehensive coaching session picks up after the deal is already done. “Group travel should be highly profitable, but when opportunities are missed or things go wrong, stress rises and profits fall,” TRAVELSAVERS said.

Cohen’s session will tell agents how to eliminate disaster and maximize success in this lucrative niche. The free sessions are available to TRAVELSAVERS and NEST agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Cohen is a 21-year travel industry veteran who has motivated and educated thousands of agents through individual relationships, presentations and publications over the years. His coaching company, Exclamation Points, Inc., is powered by his personal passion to achieve higher levels of success and happiness, and to inspire others towards realizing the same.

“We just launched our MYOB Business Strategies series this past May, and it was an immediate hit with our agents,” said Nicole Mazza, CMO for TRAVELSAVERS and NEST.  “Each session offers best practices information and marketing and sales tips from leading industry speakers.    Our MYOB webinars sell out quickly, so we encourage any agent who understands the incredible potential of group business to sign up right away.”


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