TRAVELSAVERS Offers Pro File Client Care

TRAVELSAVERS is now offering its U.S., Canadian and TWIN (TRAVELSAVERS Worldwide Independent Network) agencies the latest CRM and back-office reporting system, Pro File Client Care, created by travel agents for travel agents.

“With fewer consumers booking vacations right now, the marketplace is more competitive than ever,” said Nicole Mazza, chief marketing officer at TRAVELSAVERS. “It’s essential today for travel agents to know their client bases inside and out, and then consistently implement targeted marketing campaigns that focus on their customers’ specific travel needs and wants to draw in their business.  Pro File Client Care helps our agencies capture new clients, increase their sales, recover unpaid commissions and plan their cash flow. They will be able to handle a much greater volume of business in a shorter period of time—and their closing ratio will likely increase.”

Some of the key features of Pro File Client Care include:
Database Management. Allows agents to store and track client demographics for marketing purposes. It also stores booking details for invoicing and e-mail quotes in the client account for future reference.

Registration Link from Web Site. Captures client data, including the all-important e-mail address, which is entered directly into the Pro File Client Care system.

Web-Based. Allows access from anywhere in the world and can be used by inside or outside sales agents.

E-Market Directly from Client Database. Increases sales through target marketing. Agents can quickly profile their clients and utilize the data in TRAVELSAVERS’ various direct marketing programs.

Task Lists. Agents have the ability to schedule every aspect of closing the sale and servicing the client, from the original quote through to the “welcome home” follow-up.

Sales Reports. Tracks success by agent and supplier to better plan weekly, monthly and annual cash flow.

Commission Resolution and Tracking. Allows agents to dramatically increase revenue by collecting outstanding commissions from suppliers for clients who have already traveled.

Import Client Lists. Imports existing client lists from a spreadsheet format.

Agencies can be up and running with the web-based Pro File Client Care in just one day. A reduced one-time licensing fee and a small monthly hosting fee have been negotiated for TRAVELSAVERS’ U.S., Canadian and TWIN agencies.  A special introductory one-month free trial is available to these agencies until June 30, 2009.

For information about Pro File Client Care, agents can e-mail [email protected] or call 888-701-6406, or see a demonstration at Agents can also contact their local TRAVELSAVERS Business Development Manager.

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