Tripology Adds GOGO Worldwide to Roster

Tripology reports that GOGO Worldwide Vacations is the newest addition to Tripology’s Travel Industry Supporter Program. As part of the program, GOGO Worldwide Vacations will reimburse Tripologists for each lead they purchase fromTripology that results in a booking with them.

“We’re pleased to offer this new supporter to the many Tripologists who have requested we add GOGO to our program - especially our consortia agents who already have long-standing relationships with this valued wholesaler,” said Veronique Deblois, vice president of travel trade sales and marketing for Tripology.

“We’re happy to join the Tripology program and delighted to support the travel agent community in this additional way,” said Kelly Segnello, director of marketing for GOGO. “GOGO is committed to rewarding travel agents who support and remain loyal to our brand, and now through our relationship with Tripology we’re able to offer Tripologists free leads in addition to the many value-added agent offerings that GOGO provides.”

Tripology’s Travel Industry Supplier Program is seen as win-win for both the company’s travel specialists, known as Tripologists, and for travel industry providers. For travel specialists, the program offers the opportunity to garner free lead credits for bookings made with participating industry supporters. Industry supporters gain exposure to new clients via Tripology’s 13,000 registered travel specialists, marketing opportunities towards the agent community, dedicated relationship manager, and more.