Tripology Announces Preferred Alliance with Hickory Travel Systems

Tripology, an interactive travel lead referral service, announced an agreement with Hickory Travel Systems, a major agency group, that makes Tripology one of the consortium’s preferred suppliers.

“Our new relationship with Tripology further enhances the suite of product offerings for our agency members, enabling them to access a targeted range of prospective new clients tailored to each agent’s specific knowledge and expertise— all while providing the benefits of marketing support and training opportunities to increase profitability and help them expand their client base.  For Hickory Travel Systems’ agents, the Tripology relationship is a welcome and advantageous addition to our program,” said Ann Albano, vice president of relationship management for Hickory Travel Systems.

To become a Tripologist, travel specialists log on to, complete the required registration online, and create their profile.  There, they select lead filters based on the exact types of trips that they specialize in booking. The specialist’s profile is then reviewed, confirmed, and processed by Tripology. Once approved, the specialist starts to receive leads.  In the meantime, consumers seeking travel specialists visit and complete detailed trip requests indicating destinations, budgets, tours, activities and lodging, Tripology says.

Once there is a match between what a consumer specifies and a specialist’s preferences, the specialist receives a "lead alert" via e-mail, with the details of the requested trip. If the travel specialists are interested in pursuing the lead, they click the “accept” link.  The first three specialists who “accept” a lead are then able to access the prospective client’s contact information. The specialist then contacts the prospective client directly to provide specialized knowledge and personal service in planning and booking the consumer’s trip.

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