Tripology Announces Preferred Alliance with IT Group

Shortly after announcing its alliance with Hickory Travel Systems, Tripology, the interactive travel referral and lead generating service, announced an agreement with IT Group that makes Tripology one of the consortium’s preferred suppliers.

Don Gould, president of IT Group, expressed enthusiasm about the new arrangement. “Tripology’s novel business model and unique service has proven effective for many agents and we are pleased to help our agents maximize their reach over the Internet to find new customers through this new alliance,” he said. IT Group has over 800 locations.

“We are very pleased to introduce this preferred alliance with IT Group,” said John T. Peters, president and CEO of Tripology. "IT Group is a major travel agent network representing over $1.4 billion in annual sales and we look forward to helping its member agents boost their income with high intent consumer travel leads tailored to each specialists unique areas of expertise.”

“With more than 45,000 trip requests processed since the consumer launch of in June 2007 and a rapidly growing network of 8,000 plus travel specialists, we look forward to providing IT Group agents with the service, marketing support and training opportunities for them to maximize the Tripology medium to stand out from the crowd and find exactly the types of clients they seek,” said Veronique Deblois, vice president of travel trade sales and marketing for Tripology.

Tripology is an online travel referral service that connects travel specialists to consumers that are seeking their expert knowledge and travel planning experience. For specialists, Tripology is the most cost-effective way to get qualified travel leads.  It enables specialists to harness the immense reach of the Web, then work one-on-one offering the personal attention and service they seek. has been appropriately designed to be easy and risk free for specialists to join and use whenever they seek incremental business, Tripology says. The site’s user-friendly interface and tools helps ensure the success of the travel specialist industry. Plus, registration is free; there are no membership fees and no minimum purchase necessary.  Specialists only purchase the leads they want.


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