TSA Secure Flight PNR Rules Start

ASTA reminded members that Secure Flight’s Passenger Name Record requirement began May 15. The name agents input in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) Name Field should match the name on the ID the traveler plans to use at the airport. Beginning August 15, the name included in the PNR Name Field and DOCS field should match the government-issued identification the passenger intends to present at the airport prior to boarding.

Non-ASTA members can check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website at www.tsa.gov. The TSA says that, under Secure Flight, airlines will gather a passenger's full name, date of birth, and gender when making an airline reservation to determine if the passenger is a match to the No Fly or Selectee lists. By providing the additional data elements of gender and date of birth, Secure Flight will more effectively help prevent misidentification of passengers who have similar names to individuals on the watch list.

In addition to addressing misidentification, Secure Flight protects sensitive watch list data and enables officials to address security threats sooner, keeping air travel safer. By implementing one watch list matching system, the program provides a fair and consistent matching process across all airlines.

The TSA says it continues to provide a robust redress process through the Department of Homeland Security's Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP) (www.dhs.gov/trip), a single portal for travelers to seek redress for adverse screening experiences and resolve possible watch list misidentification issues.

Secure Flight uses the results of the redress process in its watch list matching process to prevent future misidentification of passengers who may have a name that's similar to an individual on the watch list.

The second stage of implementation, which is expected to begin in late 2009, will assume the watch list matching function for passengers on international flights from U.S. Customs and Border Protection and international air carriers. TSA' says its goal is to vet 100 percent of all domestic commercial flights by early 2010 and 100 percent of all international commercials flights by the end of 2010. Visit www.asta.org.