Tzell Expands; More to Come

Tzell Travel Group, the fourth-largest travel agency in the U.S., announced last week that it had added L.A.-based All Star Travel Group as its newest branch location.

David Holyoke, vice president of business development for Tzell Travel Group, says that this is the beginning of an anticipated two-year process, in which Tzell Travel Group plans to add more travel agency partners to increase its presence on the West Coast.

"On the East Coast, we are known as one of the major players," Holyoke says. "We want to become a major player in the west as well."

Tzell Travel Group's sales have exceeded $700 million.

"The timing is right," Holyoke says. "Mergers and acquisitions are inevitable whether you're talking about airlines or hotels or whatever. You are constantly seeing this in the marketplace."

All Star Travel Group is a full-service travel agency that handles deluxe individual, corporate, group and entertainment travel. Tzell and All Star Travel's new combined office is due to open spring 2007 on

Santa Monica Boulevard
in L.A.

"I have always admired Tzell and am very excited about the growth opportunities this provides our clients and employees. Together, All Star and Tzell Travel will create a formidable partnership that is better equipped to overcome the challenges presented by an ever-changing travel industry," said David Odaka, president of All Star Travel, in a recent news release.

"We needed to add the right partner in the west and we feel All Star Travel Group is it," Holyoke says. "We will be adding some more agencies very soon, so expect some more news from us in the next few weeks."