Tzell-Protravel Merger Closes

handshakeBarry Liben, Travel Leaders Group, chief executive officer, reports the formal closing late Friday of last month's announced Tzell-Protravel merger. In a letter to employees, Liben reported the signed agreement to merge Tzell Travel Group and Protravel International, Inc. - both privately held New York City firms. Tzell is part of Travel Leaders Group. 

"We are very proud to formally welcome Priscilla Alexander and her exceptional Protravel team into our growing Travel Leaders Group family. We have no doubt that their contributions to our enterprise will be immense and profitable, " Liben said. Alexander is the founder of Protravel.

Liben noted the deal comes on the heels of the "government swiftly providing the necessary approval for the merger last month."

The addition of Protravel brings Travel Leaders Group’s annual sales volume to $18 billion, Liben noted. "The immense respect we’ve earned together through this merger has surpassed even my wildest expectations."