Tzell Welcomes Bond Street Travel to Its New York Headquarters

Tzell Travel Group announced that member Bond Street Travel (BST) has completed its move from its New York City location at 1560 Broadway to Tzell Headquarters at 119 West 40th Street. The entire BST team, headed by Richard Nigosian, was included in the move. Bond Street Travel has been a branch of Tzell for three years.

The move into Tzell Headquarters will significantly increase BST’s daily exposure with important travel suppliers, including those with no prior relationship with Nigosian and his team. BST’s business mix is approximately 25 percent international business travel and 75 percent high/ultra high-end leisure. BST was originally founded by longtime travel industry veteran Nigosian over ten years ago.

“While Tzell is known as a business travel powerhouse, many travelers don’t necessarily know it as one of the absolute largest purchasers of high-end leisure in total dollar terms, and we’re pleased to tap into that key strength even more moving forward,” Nigosian stated. “Given our highly desirable and lucrative business mix, it’s become evident over the last three years that BST is a perfect fit for Tzell.”

Now that Bond Street Travel is located within Tzell, Nigosian is working closely with Tzell in developing various high-end concierge programs. “I believe these exciting concierge offerings will be the envy of the industry,” Nigosian added.

While Bond Street Travel completed its move into Tzell Headquarters in mid-June, all of BST’s telephone, fax and e-mail contact information remains the same, except for the addition of a new Tzell phone number at 212.944.2121 extension 2458.

With annual sales exceeding $900 million in 2008, Tzell Travel Group – as part of Travel Leaders Group – is currently ranked first among the nation's largest corporate travel management companies.  Tzell maintains its headquarters in New York City and has offices in 15 states.

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