U.S. Travel Commends Funding of Streamlining Baggage Security

The U.S Travel Association commended the Obama Administration for the $78 million in funding for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that will be used to install in-line baggage systems at three major U.S. airports. An additional $6.9 million in ARRA funds will be used for enhanced explosive detection technology in checked baggage at more than 60 airports nationwide, U.S. Travel said, praising technological solutions to frictionless air security.

"We applaud the Obama Administration and Secretary Napolitano for using available funds to strengthen security and improve the baggage screening process," Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association said. "We hope that greater use of this faster, automated process will streamline ticketing and boarding for travelers in more U.S. airports. About half of the flyers in America each day currently benefit from in-line baggage processing, and we encourage the Transportation Security Administration to continue to look for other innovative processes that improve efficiency and lessen the burden on travelers.

"The role of technology in a creating a frictionless air security process is being carefully considered by the aviation security experts on U.S. Travel's recently formed blue ribbon panel," Dow continued. "This panel is reviewing the entire air security system and plans to issue a blueprint for air security that outlines an ideal system for 21st century air travel in America later this year."

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