U.S. Travel Offers Free PSAs To Promote Travel

In partnership with the U.S. Travel Association to amplify the case for why travel matters, the Travel Channel has created four public service announcements (PSA) to promote the benefits of travel.

Three 15-second spots promote the benefits of travel for health, education, creativity and job performance, as a 30-second spot promotes the benefit to overall well-being. All are available for download by the entire travel community.

U.S. Travel Association notes it has been actively engaged in advocating for why travel matters, promoting its economic impact to policymakers and its impact on the bottom line to business leaders.

The PSAs can be downloaded at www.ustravel.org and can be used for marketing and outreach activities such as websites, various online channels (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook), presentations to policymakers and the general public, messages to clients, state travel welcome and visitors information centers, and kiosks for marketing to the general public.