Agents Can Now Reach 2 Million Prospects

Members of can now reach out to more than 2 million consumer prospects for free through e-Engagement, the e-mail component of the company’s award-winning Engagement marketing program. To participate, members must first sign up for QuickEmail, a recent enhancement that allows them to opt-in to future e-Engagement offers, to access e-mail addresses of the prospects. These e-mail addresses are pulled from a massive database of high-intent U.S. travelers and allocated to member agents based on a zip code radius from the agency’s office location. 

“The e-mail addresses come from people who have specifically asked to receive travel offers,” said Stephen McGillivray,’s vice president of marketing and public relations. “Once a member enrolls in QuickEmail—which is completely free—they qualify to be the sole call to action on exclusive email blasts sent to thousands of prospects several times a year.”

Using the Engagement program, these prospects, along with the member’s current client list, are included on special email blasts featuring compelling offers from Preferred Suppliers. The limited-time offers are not available anywhere else and are sent to the prospect list for free with the member agent’s logo and contact information prominently displayed.

“Having access to thousands of leads for free is an incredible member benefit, which is why we based our new recruitment campaign on it,” said John Lovell,’s vice president of sales and industry relations. “Why should an agent spend $150—which is the average cost to acquire just one new customer—when they get better results for free just for joining”

Adding new client acquisition to the Engagement marketing program significantly bolsters a popular member benefit, the group said. members have long relied on Engagement to generate Preferred Supplier sales from their current client list; now they can also utilize the program to obtain new clients—all through the same, efficient, hands-free process. Agencies that would like to receive access to free prospects should call 800-848-8756.