and Trams Team Up to Reach Consumers’s award-winning Engagement program has teamed up with Sabre Travel Networks Trams Inc., to take customer targeting to a  new level  of effectiveness by analyzing past purchasing behavior. Called Engagement Select, the  new  premium member service allows agents to tunnel deeper into customer targeting analyses to determine an individual’s buying behavior.
“Knowing your target audience is vital to marketing success,” said Stephen McGillivray,’s vice president of Marketing and Public Relations. “Beforehand, we had access to demographic and psychographic information, which made our targeted promotions very successful. But now we are able to analyze consumer buying behavior—the most predictive variable in determining future purchasing decisions. This information will take Engagement to a whole new level.”
Through its proprietary software, Trams will host synchronized copies of members’ ClientBase databases. By taking advantage of calibrated synching with its members who use Trams ClientBase, can obtain highly-detailed client information, including price points, recency and frequency of past leisure travel purchases. will take this information and the individually collected personal travel preferences of clients to fuel Engagement Select, the new, premium level of direct marketing that allows members agencies to target clients with greater accuracy and timing.
Trams is a leading provider of back-office and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for travel agencies.
“Combining our technology with the marketing promotions offered to the number of agencies participating in the Engagement Program of is very exciting for us,” said Sharon Meyer, chief operating officer of Trams. “Our subscribers are ecstatic that they will be able to use the power of ClientBase and our Trams related marketing services technology to maximize their marketing efforts.”
“This is pinnacle of customized and personalized sophisticated marketing” added McGillivray. “ will manage the lists on our members’ behalf, send promotions with more relevant messaging to clients, provide more effective follow-up data to close the sale and create attractive share shift offers customized to their agencies—all at no additional cost.”
This latest addition to the Engagement program—a Gold Medal winner in the 2009 Magellan Awards —completes a year of program enhancements that included the introduction of client labels and email performance reports, innovative use of Digital Variable Printing and personalized URLs (PURLs), and the opportunity for each agency to acquire new customers from a rich database of travel-interested consumer prospects for free.
Available to all member agencies at no cost, Engagement turns exclusive offers from Preferred Suppliers into professionally-designed consumer direct mail and email promotions with the member agency as the sole call to action.
Enrollment for Engagement Select is now available for eligible members by contacting Membership Services at 800-843-0733.

All other agents should visit for more information on the benefits offers.